Monday, June 6, 2016

Email subject writing tip

it was always frustrating for me when I spend so much time writing an email and all of a sudden I realize that I want to put a title for what I just wrote ... then I get confused .. Am I writing just a "Thank you" note or "Let's continue our cooperation" or it is a mix of thank you and adding remarks on the business agreement or both of them in addition to scheduling a call ..bla bla bla ..

It gets really frustrating when I try to write the subject line AFTER  writing the email .. after some searching online for a tip to help me with writing subject lines .. I finally get it .. write the subject line BEFORE writing a single word in your email! at it was my AHA moment! it works perfect!

When you write the subject line prior to writing the email it makes everything clear, the main goal of the email is written in the subject line, you can write whatever you want in the email's body around that goal .. for example the main goal of writing the email is because you have some comments on the agreement .. so just go ahead and write "Agreement details clarification", and hence once you start writing the email body you can just write all your comments and thank the person for their time in reading the agreement and try to schedule a meeting to discuss it further and ask for their feedback about what you just said .... straight .. simple .. neat !

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