Sunday, August 7, 2011

في المترو (1)

I was in another world, enjoying my book separating myself from all the noise surrounding .. when for a moment I felt I was not the only one reading the book, the girl next to me was reading with me as well .. I could tell she's interested .. she followed word by word, page by page .. I slowed down my reading rate to allow her to catch up .. time passed quickly .. 2 more stations left and I will leave the metro .. she's too shy to ask me about the book's name or the author ... I closed the book .. kept it in hand for a while .. I caught her smiling .. she got her mobile and I could tell she's writing a small note "El doctor most .. " ... she was writing the author's name .. i believe she wrote the book's name as well .. I stood up leaving .. she smiled, I smiled.
The end.

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